The Basic Geek

The Basic Geek offers geek chic, minimalist designs and inspirational quotes for fandom lovers. I wanted to create designs that are encouraging, super modern and fashionable, and also allow you to subtly show off your geek pride!

All my items are in B+W, which makes them super easy to style and match with anything! I'm proud to say that all our shirts are eco-friendly and insanely soft and comfortable!

In case any of you other basic geeks out there are also looking for art and apparel that is classy and chic, yet subtly geeky – this shop is for you! Hope you enjoy! :)

The History

I’ve always been a fan of geeky prints. Artist Alley is always my favorite stop at conventions, and I have often left with dozens of art prints and not enough wall space to showcase them all. Now that I’m getting older, I’m trying to clean up my apartment and make things appear more put-together and adult. These days my tastes are pretty “basic.” I’m all about that minimalist black + white, gold, and marble aesthetic right now. But I still want to show off my geek pride! So when I wasn’t finding the right prints for the aesthetic I wanted, I decided to put my previous knowledge of graphic design to work and create my own art. Since then, I've expanded to designing others things like apparel and mugs.

The Creator

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m just your average, ordinary, basic geek with a love for all things fandom related. I'm passionate about helping women embrace both their femininity and love of geek culture, which was once only associated with men. I currently co-run the blog The Geeky Fashionista with my sister Amanda.

Melissa - Creator of The Basic Geek